Websico makes web publishing easier

Discover an online Web pages and websites builder that transforms the world of webdesign.
It's also a great prototyping tool.


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Work directly on a Web page

in real life situation.

Forget the tedious and repetitive tasks while keeping your technical and creative requirements.

Avoid hand coding while being able to insert personal or imported HTML / CSS / Javascript.

Work on the architecture, appearance and content, and see results in real time (WYSIWYG).

DRAG'N DROP any items anywhere on a page that builds itself before your very eyes.


Create Web pages naturally adapted to all screens (responsive web design).

Publish Web pages compatible with all browsers, whose code is approved by the W3C validator.

WEBSICO meets the requirements of the most qualified by remaining easily accessible.
It is aimed at users concerned about their effectiveness and the quality of their Web publications:
Companies of all sizes, communications professionals, web and graphic design, associations, informed amateurs.

WEBSICO, the right tool for your current Web publications :
One-page and multi-page sites, landing pages, portfolios, prototypes, etc.